Wee, my new "kaLingawan", learning how to drive a motorcycle.
Its been fun to drive but somehow it is difficult to know how to control the speed in driving. I already know how to balance and for my first try it was "whoo, really fun". hehe thanks to whom who teach me how to do so (the bloopers team)..hehe

Graduation Day

April 16, 2009
Central Bank, Davao City
Institute of Computing
Graduates - Batch 2009
For almost five years,weee, graduate na jud!hehe The price of all the hardship we had during our school years. And we can say that "it is really worth it".. All the sleepless nights we spent to finished our major projects, waking-up early in the morning ug mag-linya para magpacheck sa mga projects, all the effort, time we spent.. Now, we are taking our journey to the real world and don't know what lies ahead. Gudluck guys!

Sign Language Graduation Day

April 5, 2009, at Bunawan, Davao City, we graduated from our Sign Language Class. For more than a year at last our course was finished. It's been a great opportunity. The class was fun and challenging. And a lot of activities was done. We met many deaf people, and even though we are not that skilled we try our best to teach them (deaf people),and seeing them learning was a fulfillment to our effort in teaching them. And it's been a challenge to us because it's not easy to communicate with them. But thanks to our teacher's for their time and effort, and most of all the patience they gave. It's our honor to extend our hand to teach.

Memorial Day

April 9, 2009

We celebrated the commemoration of the Lord's Evening Meal at Bunawan, Davao City.